How Much Does a Website Design Cost in 2018?


Website design plays a vital role in growing your business.Website design cost depends upon the requirement of the clients. You can select packages like Simple Static Website, E-commerce Website, and Dynamic CMS Website to create your web pages. The cost of the DIY website is quite cheaper than hiring the services of the professional web designer. Options for creating a free website design is also available, but if you want to make your web matchless and sophisticated, then it is advisable to hire the services of a professional.

How will you consider the cost of Website design?

The initial cost of building a website depends upon two main factors ,namely domain name and Website Hosting.

  • Domain Name: An online identification of your website registered under DNS is termed as the domain name. Buying a new domain will cost you around $10-15 per year.
  • Hosting: An online hosting service that allows you to access your website through the World Wide Web. Though there are differences of web hosting options are available, but the most preferred options are:
    • Shared Hosting: It is among the most common forms of hosting that allows you to share your hosting platform with other websites.If you are looking for a cheap hosting server then shared hosting is the best option.It may cost around $10 per month.
    • Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting: VPS acts as a link between shared hosting and dedicated server. A VPS is a single server and aids in shunning problems in comparison to shared hosting. It may cost you around $40 -150 per month.
    • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting is one of the most popular solutions for business websites. It is dependable and is costlier in comparison to VPS and shared hosting.

If you are looking for cheap website design packages, you can search online for the best deals on various packages.


So How Much Does a Website Cost?

Build your website

Professional web designers offer expensive services. Building your website with the help of website builders is the cost effective solution. You can buy a plan starting from $10 per month.

Cost of a Small First Website

It becomes difficult for you to decide how much does it cost to build a website for a small business for first time.Numerous website designing companies are available that offer best services on the hourly basis at raeasonable cost.Hiring services of freelancers is another option for small firms. Before you hire services of the company or a freelancer, you should keep in mind few things:

  • Web Design Agency: Website design and development agency offer consistent and well-organized services.
  • Freelancer Developer: Offer customized services, but most of the freelancers are not competent enough in comparison to professional agencies.
  • Offshore Web Company: Off-shore companies charge less, but are not unswerving in contrast to freelancers and professionals.

Cost of a Small Business Website

Costing of a small business website depends upon the size and package you opt for building your website. The cost of the complete package includes domain name and hosting, design, programming and continuity cost.The average cost of website design for small business falls approximately between $1000-4000.

Cost of a Medium-Sized Website

The medium-sized website is perfect for e-commerce business. You can add customized content and products of your own choice. The total package may vary between $1,000 – 6,700.

Cost of a Large-Sized Website

The large-sized website contains around 40-50 pages and is the perfect solution for big organizations. These are mobile, responsive and will help you in promoting your product and brand online. Its package may range you between $2,500-11,500.

Other Website Costs – Features and Components

Different web developing companies may charge you on Web design cost per page. You can compare the prices of different companies and can choose the best one for you.Web design price list may vary from one country to other.


Content Production: The cost depends on the size and content of the web. You may hire an agency or a freelancer.

For building any website via Wordpress, you will require a Domain Name and a WordPress Hosting service provider.

E-commerce plugins: Numerous platforms and software are available in the market. You can opt any as per your requirement.

Responsive/Mobile Site: It is included in the package and may cost you above $100.

License/cost of plugins: Its cost depends upon the development of software or an app. News feed, photos gallery, survey and contact forms are included in Plugins.

On-going Maintenance: The maintenance cost of the website depends upon its size, and you have to pay the amount on a monthly basis.

Website Imaginary (Stock art): If you are passionate about photography you can try online photo clubs and websites where from you can buy pictures and graphics of your own choice.

Marketing / SEO: For developing content in your website, several companies may charge the monthly fee to avoid traffic to your site and for developing it into SEO friendly.

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