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Thinking about having your website to leverage on online business opportunities? Then the Custom Web Development provided by Staplelogic would be your ideal choice. We would build an interactive website for you which would take care of all your worries. We are one of the emerging ecommerce website development India companies who are dedicated to serving your e-commerce needs. Having a website is one of the prerequisites to conducting business operations in the online world. This is where we play a vital role in making sure that you have a responsive website in your arsenal to serve your clients in a better manner. Enhances the retail business productivity with fully loaded shopping cart. We have a powerful grip & offer finest ECommerce development services, we offer the best personalization methods and top-notch eCommerce development services.

  • - Social Login
  • - Multi Currency
  • - Multilanguage
  • - Unlimited Products & Categories
  • - Easy Checkout
  • - Reviews & Rating
  • - Order Management
  • - Responsive Design (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • - Advanced Reports
  • - SEO Friendly URL
  • - Google Analytics
  • - Stock Management
  • - Customer Management
  • - Shipping Methods
  • - Tax Management
  • - Invoice Management
  • - Admin Dashboard
  • - Seller Dashboard

Featured Ecommerce Websites

Since a considerable period, we are building and designing websites for the convenience of your business. We have a revered list of clients who belong to various domains of the industry. If you are on the lookout for ecommerce web development firms, then Staplelogic should be your top choice. We employ a host of techniques and harness the modern technology with the help of which you would never lag behind to serve your clients holistically. Our department of ecommerce web development agency comprises of experts who are experienced and believes in coming up with an array of customized solutions just for you. Rely on Staplelogic to experience the change in the modern e-commerce world.

Essential Features of an Ecommerce Website

Suggested Pages

Whether you are a weekend crafter or a massive global brand, Staplelogic makes it easy to start an ecommerce website. We believe that suggested pages play a significant role in the ranking of the site. Also, you can use backlinks in recommended pages to showcase product information in a detailed manner. With our efficient magento website development services, you would be able to cater to the needs of your clients by displaying high suggested pages.

Related Products

In the age of Smartphones and internet, shopping has never been much fun as it seems nowadays. Hence, you should build a related products page that would display the similar products from different brands to your customers. Our Magento ecommerce development services would cater to your requirements of building great related products pages with the help of which your e-commerce website would never go out of favor.

Product Filtering

We at Staplelogic are of the view that your e-commerce website must contain a product filter feature. With the help of this feature, your customers can shop on your site without facing any hassles. Moreover, with our expert team of professionals who have experience in magento ecommerce website development for a considerable period, you would rest assured of product filter in your site.

Product Details

If you want your target audiences to remember you for a long time, then you should always opt for the feature of product details. As per recent customer trends, time is of great essence. Hence, if you provide your clients with the option of product details, then you are helping them to save a lot of time which is quite phenomenal. Our experts with magento ecommerce website development skills can easily cater to this need of yours.

Dynamic Shopping Cart

A shopping cart page is of utmost importance if you want your customers to stay with you. However, the prospect of an active shopping cart is even more purposeful in the age of smartphones. If you allow your customers to access this fantastic feature, then half of your task is accomplished to retain them. A dynamic shopping cart would always add the items from wish list to the cart automatically. For that, your customers do not have to add them manually.

Shipping Options

A big question on your client's mind would be the shipping time and the related cost. This is why we at Staplelogic are of the opinion that you should allow us to build an easy-to-find shipping information page which would provide you with all the details. Our experts with the help of magento web development India techniques can easily display information to your customers about international shipping policies and special holiday shipping schedules.

Payment Confirmation

We at Staplelogic are of the view that once your customer submits the order, you should direct them to the payment page. In this manner, you can depict them that whether their payment is approved or not. Your payment confirmation page should display the Thank You message to your customers. You can also prompt their clients to create an account on your website if it was a guest check-out.

Web Design Case Studies

We at Staplelogic view the aspect of web design from an innovative and strategic perspective. We pride ourselves on the fact that every website we build depicts technological expertise and expert creativity. We believe in creating a website which would greatly help you to attract and retain your favored clients. We are also an ardent believer in building a purposeful website that can help you significantly in projecting the mission of your e-commerce site. On the other hand, with the advancement of science and technology, we are quite adept at providing our clients with a website which is cross-platform. As Ecommerce & CMS are the two most important areas on which we lay emphasis, you can easily trust on us to deliver on your business objectives.

Popular Platforms We Use

We at Staplelogic consider ourselves lucky to possess an expert team of professionals who knows their job well. Besides that, we also use a large variety of platforms with the help of which we build responsive websites that can cater to your needs in a great manner. We use the following popular platforms like Shopify, Zen Cart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Symphony Commerce, BigCommerce, Drupal Commerce, osCommerce and WordPress and Magento Development.

WEBSITE & eCommerce FAQ

We at Staplelogic have helped entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals to build great websites. We lay emphasis on a wide variety of tools to put forward a website which is both interactive and easy to use.

Q. I do not possess a hosting account or a domain name. Please advise me how to proceed.

A. In this case, you should not worry. We from our end would open your free account with a leading provider so that you can access the hosting plan and domain name.

Q. Apart from programming, what are things I need to build my own website?

A. You need a domain name or a hosting account.

Q. Are the tools can be customized as per my own requirements?

A. Yes. All our tools possess the ability to be customized as per your requirements.

Q. Does your organization Staplelogic use third party tools to build websites?

A. We are pleased to inform you that our organization do not uses any third party tools to cater to your requests. We also do not use any templates to design a website. We at Staplelogic view creativity as our main motto in delivering to you a user-friendly and interactive website. We would build your website as per your goals and ideas and would try to implement your feedback in case of any request of modifications from your side.

Q. Is the programming offered by your organization in par with all gadgets and internet browsers?

A. The programming services offered by Staplelogic are compliant with all major gadgets and browsers.

Q. Does your company facilitate mobile-friendly responsive sites?

A. Yes. We do cater to the requirements of our clients who want a mobile-friendly website. However, you should clearly mention this requirement of yours at the time of purchasing.

Q. Does Staplelogic offer Search Engine Optimization?

A. We are glad to inform you that our organization Staplelogic offers SEO services. However for specific SEO assignments, you need to ask our experts regarding the same. They would get back to you at the earliest to know more about various details.

Q. What should I do when I want to update the content on my website?

A. We would provide you with our own password protected accounts to facilitate changes in the content from anywhere and at any point of time. However, there would be some sections at your site which cannot be upgraded. You can request us for modifications of those sections and we would try to get back to you at the earliest.

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  •   Mobile App Designer Phenomenal team! Highly recommend them, could not be happier. 


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  •   Mobile App Designer Phenomenal team! Highly recommend them, could not be happier. 

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