Project Development Methodology


Ability to analyze and quickly implement changes to the initial project scope, utilizing the best inputs/outcomes from customers and empowered teams throughout the lifecycle of the project to ensure enhanced results. We love to bring your Ideas to life - be it for the web or mobile - with the platform and media you choose!

Our Development Process

Mobile Network

You’ve innovative Idea

If you’ve requirements, our expert strategists determine your needs with providing custom innovative suggestions and let know you the whole process of development. We define your goal, analysis the requirements and make the project schedule.

Pre Engineering

Design Process: Mockup Design, User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

At this stage, wireframe and mockup design work is undertaken, We want your users to have the best experience with your digital business, so we focus on making user experience intriguing, addictive, intuitive and user friendly. Under this, you can have number of reviews, changes and approvals to finalizing the design mokcups prepared by us.


Development & Implementation

Advanced project management tools like basecamp, Slack, asana, and Github form the essential part of our development process. Experienced and highly knowledge developers at Staplelogic take the lead and choose the right technology for a perfect solution. To keep you updated throughout the development process, we upload the code on a specific URL on our local server to check the routine status and to perform the Code optimization regularly.


Beta Testing and Quality Assurance

After the completion of the design and development process, We put the whole developed plan into action by creating a beta version of your product into our test server. Each module of the project is thoroughly tested and goes through multiple testing phases under various environments and conditions to ensure the best result. You will have the access authority as well to view and test all the segments and will expect your comments and valuable suggestion, based on which required adjustments will be made.


Deployment & Final Launch

After all of the testing has been completed and after incremental quality assurance, our experts deploy the end product on respective app stores and your server, assuring the passing of the approval process and the standards of the online stores. Your files will be handed over to you according to the delivery format you choose.


Payment Policy

We receive 30% of your estimated total as a deposit prior to initiating work and balance on as per defined milestones. We use PayPal, Payoneer payment gateway for payments. The late payment millstone is due immediately upon completion of the project and before the completed work is handed over to you.


Work Guarantee

We give complete quality assurance for our design and development work. We also assure you that we will provide 2 months technical support for handling bugs/errors found in design & programming work.


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